Blackstone ProSeries 5 Burner 28″ Propane Griddle with Range Top

Sale price$399.99
Have everything you need to cook up a feast at one single station with the Blackstone ProSeries 28″ Griddle Range Top Combo. Prep and chop your food on the spacious prep shelves that have an embedded cutting board on one side and hooks for hanging tools on both sides. Cleanup is easier with a trash bag holder, and Blackstone’s rear grease management system. Storage is also smarter with this unit thanks to the folding prep shelves and enclosed storage space. Use the hood to baste or smoke food, and to help protect your griddle surface when not in use. A hard cover for the range top is also included that can hang on the back of the unit while the side burners are being used. Impress your family and friends at your next backyard barbeque with the sleek, multi-functional ProSeries Griddle Combo.
  • Blackstone ProSeries 5 Burner 28″ Propane Griddle with Range Top
  • Cabinet and large drawers for enclosed storage space
  • 3 burner griddle and 2 burner stove top
  • Rear grease management system
  • Range top cover included
  • Folding prep shelves
  • Magnetic bar and hooks for hanging griddling tools
  • Built in cutting board
  • Trash bag holder
  • Industrial strength wheels
  • 48,000 BTUs for griddle, and 24,000 BTUs for range top
  • 613 square-inches of griddle cooking area
  • Season griddle per owner manual instructions prior to use
  • Model #2008